Frequently Asked Questions

NoteWriter is a groundbreaking way to fix your SOAP note problem! It's very normal to have lots of questions.

Below are some of the most common questions we get as offices start to use NoteWriter.


How does NoteWriter work?

NoteWriter uses recent advances in Artificial Intelligence to write complete, accurate, and very nearly instant SOAP notes. This is a novel, useful application of AI to a very real problem veterinarians face every day.


Is NoteWriter an EMR or PIMS?

No we are not! You can keep your current system. NoteWriter does one thing extremely well: write your SOAP notes for you. You can use it with whatever program you already have.


Will my SOAP note be full of non-medical details from the visit?

No, that's the magic of NoteWriter. Only medically relevant information will be included in your SOAP note. Everything else is excluded.


Is my customer's data safe?

Yes! We take data security very seriously. All your customer data is encrypted and hosted in secure data centers.
No sensitive information about your customers (addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.) is ever stored in NoteWriter.
For more information on our Privacy Policy, please refer here.


How much does it cost?

We are a subscription service, so you can get a monthly or a yearly plan. It is $199 a month for every veterinarian on the subscription. The yearly plan comes out to $150 a month. If you are interested in adding additional technician accounts to your subscription, please reach out to us!


I don't love the format of my SOAP notes. Can I change how they look?

Yes! Just email us an example template or instructions on what you want different. We will work with you until we get it right.


What does it mean that each subscription gets "4 users?"

Each veterinarian who subscribes to NoteWriter has the option of giving a login to 3 other people in their office. This could be a technician, a receptionist, or a manager. These people can then log in and use NoteWriter in different rooms throughout the day. Additional vets need their own subscription.


Does NoteWriter record the visit?

Yes. For the technology to work, a recording is made of the clinic visit. This recording is then used to create the SOAP note. Always make sure you have obtained informed consent from your clients before recording the visit.


Why do I have to copy and paste the note?

We use the copy and paste function to make sure that NoteWriter is compatible with as many Medical Record Systems as possible. We are working on integrations with some of the most popular systems, so stay tuned!


What devices work with NoteWriter?

Any device with internet access and a microphone! We have found that tablets work best. With a tablet you can start the recording and leave it on the table while you work. Then, if you need to move to a different room, the tablet can come with you. Phones also work, but make sure the microphone isn't covered during the visit.


Do you have a referral program?

Yes! We offer a month off your subscription for each referral who signs up beyond the trial period. Send us an email if you are interested in making a referral.


I sometimes need to write a note that is not a SOAP note. What can I do?

We will have the ability to customize several different note types for the same login very soon. In the meantime, you can have one of your 4 logins be dedicated to a different note type. Just send us an email of the format you want for each login and we will get it set up for you.

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