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Discover the story, mission, and team behind the revolutionary medical documentation tool.

Our Story

As our founder, Boston, was going through medical school, he was shocked at how much time doctors were required to spend on their computers. Years of study, work, and sacrifice to learn how to heal people and keep them healthy, just to spend 45% of your work day sitting in front of a computer screen. He felt there had to be a better way.

Our team realized the potential of AI to fix this problem early in 2023. Trial and error quickly led to a working prototype that impressed all the healthcare workers we showed it to. We knew we were onto something big.

Believing this could be an early, simple, transformational application of AI, our team went all in. Since then we have worked tirelessly to create a product that, we believe, will revolutionze the healthcare industry (human and animal), one note at a time.

Our Mission

To provide a reliable, user-friendly, and efficient solution for medical documentation that saves time and money. We want to enable medical professionals to focus more on their patient's needs and less on their computer's.

Meet the Team

We are a small team based in Utah and Colorado. We are dedicated to making this game-changing tool available to everyone who wants to use it!

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Boston Gubler

CEO, Founder

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Cory Gubler

CFO, Co-Founder

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Dr. Clayton Barton, DVM

Chief Veterinary Consultant, Co-Founder

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