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  • Login to from any tablet, phone, or computer with a microphone.
  • Click the 'Start' button just before you begin your visit. Try to leave your device in a place where it can best pickup the sound from the conversation.
  • NoteWriter will start collecting the medical details from the visit.
  • The more you say out loud during the visit (physical exam findings, your medical reasoning) the better SOAP note NoteWriter can make.
  • We have you get signed permission from the pet's owner to use their pet's health information before starting the recording. This can be done in the website itself or we can help you set it up with your front office.

    We make sure everything is done by the book.

    Read More about our Privacy Policy


  • Click the 'Stop' button when you are finished
  • You can also pause in the middle of a visit, if you will be out of the room for a while. Just click "Continue" when you're ready to start again.
  • Once you click 'Stop', NoteWriter starts working on your note. The longer the visit, the longer it takes to finish. Most notes are ready within a minute or two.
  • You can start another visit immediately, even if the last visit's note is still processing.


  • Click "Copy to clipboard" and the entire SOAP note is ready to paste!
  • You can also select and copy only certain sections of the note, if you prefer.
  • We are working on getting automatic note transfer in the most popular patient information management systems. Stay tuned!


  • We recommend opening on the same computer that has your information managmenet system.
  • No matter what system you use, simply right click and paste wherever you want the note to go.
  • We recommend pasting the entire SOAP note into a single section of your system, such as the Summary section.
  • After you make any changes that you need to the notes, you are done! It's as easy as that.
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Each subscription includes:

  • Unlimited notes
  • Ability to create any Note Type (SOAP, Surgery, Dental, Phone Summary, Technician, Dictation, etc.)
  • Customizable Templates
  • Email and Phone Customer Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

All FAQ's

Is my customer's data safe?

Yes! We take data security very seriously. All your customer data is encrypted and hosted in secure data centers.
No sensitive information (addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.) is ever stored in NoteWriter.
For more information on our Privacy Policy, please refer here.


Will my SOAP note be full of non-medical details from the visit?

No, that's the magic of NoteWriter. Only medically relevant information will be included in your SOAP note. Everything else is discarded.


I don't love the format of my SOAP notes. Can I change how they look?

Yes! Just email us an example template or instructions on what you want different. We will work with you until we get it right.


Why do I have to copy and paste the note?

We use the copy and paste function to make sure that NoteWriter is compatible with as many EMRs or PIMS as possible. We are working on integrations with some of the most popular systems, so stay tuned!

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